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I recently purchased a vacant lot, totaling roughly 3.5 acres of wooded land. The density of trees and underbrush made even walking the lot difficult. Given the ultimate goal of building a home, one of my first steps was to get a better lay of the land. After researching 3 or 4 forestry mulching companies, I opted to hire Golden Landworks because of Dan and Megan's professionalism and communication. Also, their price quote was competitive with the others. Per my request, Dan forestry mulched all of the underbrush and nearly all of the small trees on the property. Throughout the project, he routinely checked in to gauge my satisfaction and ensure my expectations were being met. Truth is, Dan exceeded my expectations and his work completely transformed this property. The results are very impressive in person, and I hope the before/after pictures do him at least some justice. Because of his efforts, maintaining, managing, and planning out this property have become so much easier. I highly recommend Golden Landworks -- they earn 5 stars from me!!

Steve T.
Fredericksburg, VA

Dan from Golden Landworks had contacted our realtor after we recently purchased our 25 acre property in Sperryville. Our plan is to build on this property but it is mostly wooded and overgrown. We needed to have about an acre cleared so we could have septic and well surveys done and figure where to build. Also, we wanted to clean up the tractor trails and area around the pond. I had been following forestry mulchers on Youtube and knew this was a solution. I contacted Dan and couldn't be more pleased. He is very knowledgeable and very articulate and a delight to work with (he was actually a realtor before he started this business). He knew exactly what we needed to accomplish and was able to get the job done in less than 2 days. Because of weather schedule got delayed but Dan and his wife Megan (who runs the business side) were very proactive in keeping us informed. I have been in industrial construction for 40+ years and the way Golden Landworks approaches a job is very hard to find. We have a bunch more work that will need to be done and will use them again.

Patrick S.
Sperryville, VA

We own 28 acres of mostly woodland, part of which we are transitioning into organic farmland and pasture. After several years of clearing a little bit at a time by hand, we gave Dan McNulty of Golden Landworks a call to have him come clear 1.5 acres. We couldn't be more happy with the results, and are currently identifying other areas to have Dan come back and clear for us. Dan is honest, fair, and does fantastic work.

Barton S.
Fredericksburg, VA

Best money I've ever spent!!! Dan is great!!! Would recommend - 5 star service for sure.

Andre W.
Warsaw, VA

For months I had been working at clearing out the large amount of underbrush, dead trees and limbs from around my property. It was terrible work and progress was slow to say the least. I came across Dan and Golden Landworks and asked for an estimate. In total it was about 1.5acres and the price was very reasonable. He cleared the area, including stumps and all and left behind a park like setting. It was an incredible transition and completed within a matter of hours. Would not hesitate to use them again.

John T.
Mineral, VA

They did an excellent job clearing the area on our property. Upon completion they requested that we walk the entire project one final time to ensure that everything was acceptable. Can't ask for much more than that.
Great job and the best of people to work with!!! Highly recommend.

Bryan M.
Centreville, VA

We contacted Golden Landworks to clear brush and undergrowth on land that borders I-81 to increase the line of sight to our facility. Most of the land that he cleared was a very thick undergrowth and Dan did an excellent job. Dan was very conscientious and professional in getting us a quote and scheduling the work. We would highly recommend you consider Golden Landworks for future land clearing projects.

Mark E.
Central Church of Christ
Martinsburg, WV


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