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Our specialized forestry mulching machine is capable of grinding your unwanted trees and underbrush into mulch.  This requires fewer steps and prep than traditional clearing methods, and enriches your property's soil.  By using one machine and one operator, you receive higher production efficiencies at a lower cost to YOU!

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Whether you're wanting to create a path for your ATV,  site a home or just enjoy the view, we can give you the topography to bring your vision to life.  We use a variety of land clearing techniques depending on the project and your desired end result.

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Want to ensure a great return on your investment, or identify that pesky species? We can advise you on what steps need to be taken to ensure your property sells for what it's worth or take the headache out of managing and mitigating those invasive species that are hanging around your property.

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Do you take pride in your land, but it's a pain to keep up with? GOLDEN LANDWORKS works with you to maintain, extend and restore the beauty in your property through implementing a customized and comprehensive maintenance & management plan.


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