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Our mission at GOLDEN LANDWORKS is simple: to exceed client expectations by providing high quality services in a timely and and cost effective manner.   

By meeting your mulching and clearing needs, GOLDEN LANDWORKS is able to preserve the beauty of your property while enriching the soil and reducing the risk of erosion. Our team's purpose is to not only clear your property efficiently, but to educate you on what steps you can take to effectively manage, invest, and nurture your land long term. 

GOLDEN LANDWORKS appreciates that no client's needs are the same - so our services shouldn't be one dimensional either.  Our team customizes and caters our approach to each project’s specific needs & budget to ensure excellent results and ultimate client satisfaction.  We stand by #THEGOLDENSTANDARD - ensuring that you can expect our trust, commitment, responsiveness, quality, & efficiency on every job.

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Our specialized forestry mulching machine is capable of grinding your unwanted trees and underbrush into mulch.  This requires fewer steps and prep than traditional clearing methods, and enriches your property's soil.  By using one machine and one operator, you receive higher production efficiencies at a lower cost to YOU!

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Whether you're wanting to create a path for your ATV,  site a home or just enjoy the view, we can give you the topography to bring your vision to life.  We use a variety of land clearing techniques depending on the project and your desired end result.

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Want to ensure a great return on your investment, or identify that pesky species? We can advise you on what steps need to be taken to ensure your property sells for what it's worth or take the headache out of managing and mitigating those invasive species that are hanging around your property.

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Do you take pride in your land, but it's a pain to keep up with? GOLDEN LANDWORKS works with you to maintain, extend and restore the beauty in your property through implementing a customized and comprehensive maintenance & management plan.


Who utilizes our services?

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Maintaining woodlands and farmlands is a time-consuming and exhausting job. Clearing and maintaining access roads, pushing back encroaching brush, and having access to fence lines are among the many jobs made easier and more efficient when utilizing a forestry mulcher. Below are some of the many services we offer to keep a chainsaw out of your hands:

  • Brush clearing

  • Tree removal

  • Real estate property thinning

  • Invasive growth management

  • Extensive stump grinding & removal

  • Hunting plots and shooting lanes

  • Field and pasture perimeter clearing

  • Field and pasture reclamation

  • Fence line clearing

  • Trail and road overgrowth clearing

  • Trail and road construction

  • Pond clearing and maintenance


Forestry mulching is not just for rural areas. We service commercial properties, large and small, and can work with your landscaping teams to create and maintain your curb appeal. Forestry mulching can transform your grounds into a park-like setting, bringing value to both your employees and customers. Forestry mulching can treat and maintain your property in a more efficient and less-disruptive manner than larger excavating methods. Services we offer include:

  • Golf course creation/maintenance

  • Commercial property maintenance

  • Viewscape clearing

  • Site preparation and lot clearing

  • Right-of-way clearing

  • Clearing and maintenance of retention ponds

  • Roadside vegetation management

  • Survey or power line clearing


We are a registered Small Business and available to take on government contracts. We feel that forestry mulching can meet the needs of local and state governments by efficiently tackling projects while keeping costs down. We can provide:

  • Vegetation management

  • Park and campground clearing

  • Recreational field clearing

  • Storm damage and disaster cleanup

  • Road overgrowth clearing and maintenance

  • Wildfire prevention


The client experience is just as important to us as the final product. 

We stand by #thegoldenstandard.

I recently purchased a vacant lot, totaling roughly 3.5 acres of wooded land. The density of trees and underbrush made even walking the lot difficult. Given the ultimate goal of building a home, one of my first steps was to get a better lay of the land. After researching 3 or 4 forestry mulching companies, I opted to hire Golden Landworks because of Dan and Megan's professionalism and communication. Also, their price quote was competitive with the others. Per my request, Dan forestry mulched all of the underbrush and nearly all of the small trees on the property. Throughout the project, he routinely checked in to gauge my satisfaction and ensure my expectations were being met. Truth is, Dan exceeded my expectations and his work completely transformed this property. The results are very impressive in person, and I hope the before/after pictures do him at least some justice. Because of his efforts, maintaining, managing, and planning out this property have become so much easier. I highly recommend Golden Landworks -- they earn 5 stars from me!!

Steve T.
Fredericksburg, VA

We had 14 acres that were a heavily overgrown mix of brush and invasive species that we needed to clear for a home site and silvopasture. We discussed our project with several companies, but none were as responsive and clear as Dan and Megan. Dan walked the property with us to discussed options and understand our needs. They gave us a competitive quote for exactly what we wanted. Working with Dan and Megan was a pleasure. They are very responsive and communicated with us on a regular basis. His attention to detail ensures that the entire process is stress-free and the results are fantastic. I can't recommend them more, can I give them 6 stars?

Sebastian S.
Castleton, VA

I live in Clifton, VA., and happened to meet Dan McNulty while he was on a job at a nearby house. I thought to myself, “That is exactly what I needed to be done to my property”. My property has been overtaken by an invasive species known as “Autumn Olive”. It spreads aggressively and quickly and chemical treatment won’t keep it at bay. Much of my 5.5 acres became unusable, and the growth was spreading quickly.

I asked Dan to stop by and take a look at the property and give me a quote. To be honest, I didn’t get any other quotes because I liked and trusted Dan right from the start, and the price seemed reasonable to prevent me from over a year of back-breaking work. I immediately saw the value in his service compared to trying to rent a “Billy Goat” brush cutter and tackling this overwhelming project myself.

Dan and Megan McNulty make a great team, and the communication of what was going to happen and when was excellent! Dan did an excellent job and was very patient with me as I made minor changes to the scope of the work. Every time he saw me outside, or surveying the work, he jumped off his machine and wanted to make sure that I was happy and that he was on point with the scope of the work. My job was probably more tedious than other’s because I wanted to save lots of saplings making the job more difficult for Dan. Again, he was very patient. My “lessons learned” for the next person who wants to do this is to take a little more out than you originally planned. This is Virginia and it will always grow back! I highly recommend Golden Landworks, and Dan and Megan McNulty, for all your forestry mulching needs!! 5 gold stars.

Bruce H.
Clifton, VA

After a few months struggling alone with a chainsaw and brush cutter - and realizing that clearing a few acres would take years - I can definitively say that forestry mulching is money well-spent. Dan was very responsive and provided a detailed estimate that turned out to be right on the money. After a couple of solid days of work by Dan, we walked the area to be sure that everything was taken care of. It was, because Dan was very attentive - to the individual dogwood level of detail. I am very pleased with the results!

Jordan G.
Great Falls, VA

Golden Landworks did a tremendous job on a clearing project for my family. I initially spoke to Dan when our plans for our property were a bit undefined. He met with me and talked me through forestry mulching, including where he thought that approach would be a good fit vs. where it wouldn't. I could instantly tell that Dan was trustworthy and has his customers' needs and goals as his top priority.

Several months went by, and Dan was patient with us when we asked for quotes for different sections of clearing as our plans and budget got more defined.  Once we had our ducks in a row, Megan got the agreement, scheduling, and payment components handled extremely efficiently, and was a pleasure to deal with. The clearing work came out fantastic, and Dan was extremely attentive to our preferences, down to discussing at several stages of the process which individual trees should stay and which should go.

We got unbelievable value for our money in terms of how much they were able to get done for us so quickly. When it comes time to cut some trails or thin out between the mature trees, I won't think of calling anyone but Golden Landworks.

Joe B.
Winchester, VA

I live on a 2 acre lot and 75% of it was densely wooded with tons of underbrush. The property was so crowded that we couldn’t enjoy the majority of the space we own; not even visually. Golden Landworks came to the rescue by removing all of the underbrush and thinning out the tree population. We now have a beautiful lot with desirable trees that are uncrowded and can flourish.

But, my glowing review has little to do with WHAT they did… it’s all about HOW they did it. For starters, they didn’t hall anything away to the dump - all debris was mulched up so it can degrade naturally on the property. Additionally, they showed up exactly when they said they would and kept me informed during every step of the process. Last, but not least, they treated me like a customer - so many companies seem to have forgotten how to do this. Dan frequently checked in with us, patiently took in any changes we asked for, and gave us advice where we needed it. They didn’t “nickel and dime” us and sincerely cared that we were happy with the final product.

I would hire them again in a heart beat.

Bill B.
Winchester, VA

Dan from Golden Landworks had contacted our realtor after we recently purchased our 25 acre property in Sperryville. Our plan is to build on this property but it is mostly wooded and overgrown. We needed to have about an acre cleared so we could have septic and well surveys done and figure where to build. Also, we wanted to clean up the tractor trails and area around the pond. I had been following forestry mulchers on Youtube and knew this was a solution. I contacted Dan and couldn't be more pleased. He is very knowledgeable and very articulate and a delight to work with (he was actually a realtor before he started this business). He knew exactly what we needed to accomplish and was able to get the job done in less than 2 days. Because of weather schedule got delayed but Dan and his wife Megan (who runs the business side) were very proactive in keeping us informed. I have been in industrial construction for 40+ years and the way Golden Landworks approaches a job is very hard to find. We have a bunch more work that will need to be done and will use them again.

Patrick S.
Sperryville, VA

We own 28 acres of mostly woodland, part of which we are transitioning into organic farmland and pasture. After several years of clearing a little bit at a time by hand, we gave Dan McNulty of Golden Landworks a call to have him come clear 1.5 acres. We couldn't be more happy with the results, and are currently identifying other areas to have Dan come back and clear for us. Dan is honest, fair, and does fantastic work.

Barton S.
Fredericksburg, VA

For months I had been working at clearing out the large amount of underbrush, dead trees and limbs from around my property. It was terrible work and progress was slow to say the least. I came across Dan and Golden Landworks and asked for an estimate. In total it was about 1.5acres and the price was very reasonable. He cleared the area, including stumps and all and left behind a park like setting. It was an incredible transition and completed within a matter of hours. Would not hesitate to use them again.

John T.
Mineral, VA

They did an excellent job clearing the area on our property. Upon completion they requested that we walk the entire project one final time to ensure that everything was acceptable. Can't ask for much more than that.
Great job and the best of people to work with!!! Highly recommend.

Bryan M.
Centreville, VA

We contacted Golden Landworks to clear brush and undergrowth on land that borders I-81 to increase the line of sight to our facility. Most of the land that he cleared was a very thick undergrowth and Dan did an excellent job. Dan was very conscientious and professional in getting us a quote and scheduling the work. We would highly recommend you consider Golden Landworks for future land clearing projects.

Mark E.
Central Church of Christ
Martinsburg, WV

This review is a little late, but we thoroughly enjoyed our experience having Dan come out and take care of some of our forestry mulching needs. Despite some challenges, a couple of set backs and having to deal with us, he remained professional, light hearted and focused on completing our job. He went above and beyond what he said he would do, and we are looking forward to when we can have him return to do further work! We would highly recommend Golden Landworks to anyone that really wants to realize the full potential of their property or bring it back to life.

Drew Y.
Fredericksburg, VA

We had a pretty big job -- 3+ acres -- and Dan from Golden Landworks delivered. The lot was 10 acres of a big mess that had been cleared decades ago and had since become overgrown with nearly impenetrable vines and invasive woody species. Dan took the time to understand what our plans were and adjusted the project plan on the fly as needed. Our main goal was to clear space for a driveway and access to a drainfield and potential house site. I stayed for a couple hours as the work began, but it quickly became clear that he understood what we were going for. As the topography was revealed and we got a better understanding of the land, Dan was happy to accommodate changes in the approach. He also cleared some low hanging limbs over our driveway and chewed up some huge precarious trees at the entry to our lot. 100% we'll go with these folks again when we need to clear the rest.

Adam H.
Hamilton, VA

For the last few years I have been attempting to clean up years of overgrown trees, downed trees, and brush covering 1.5 acres of my property. I decided to hire Golden Landworks to work on this never-ending project. Dan and Megan are true professionals and maintained continuous contact to work around weather delays (Ice, Snow, and Rain) to prevent damage to our property. Dan's quick work with the forestry mulcher opened our space up as we have ever seen since ownership and gained .5 acres of new open space and the entire wooded area is free of overgrowth and dangerous trees. His knowledge of tree types aided in the decisions to keep or remove and once decided he cleanly cleared up only the trees which were discussed and was able to easily work in tight spaces preventing harm to large and small trees throughout the work area. He made sure not to damage any of my lawn while working and left the entire work area with a thick layer of mulch as if I had purchase it from a landscaper. Anyone who needs dangerous trees removed, land cleared (including bamboo), should definitely call Golden Landworks. They will bring your property back to life.

Steven C.
Clifton, VA

Fantastic Service!
I have nothing but praise for Golden Landworks. Their forest mulching system absolutely transformed our property - clearing land for building sites and opening up new views in just a couple days. It was transformational! As an added bonus, because they grind rather than extract tree trunks, no land disturbance permit is required - which saves time and money. Dan and Megan are very thoughtful, professional and efficient…and genuinely nice people. I have worked with them three times and will definitely use them again in the future.

Stephen C.
Shenandoah, VA

Dan gave us a quote and came out to our house about two weeks later. Our property had about an acre of land that had not been touched in years. There was very thick brush and too many saplings to count. Dan got all of it cleaned up in a day. The results are amazing. He did such a good job I booked him to come clean up the rest of our property that needs to be thinned out. There are not many contractors out there that care as much about their craft as Dan. I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs some land cleared.

Chad W.
Clifton, VA

Dan is so pleasant to work with. We walked our land and he easily understood what we were going for. Along the way, he paused to make sure he wasn’t clearing things we wanted to remain or to make sure everything on our lot was cleared sufficiently. I’ve seen other mulchers do our neighbors yard and they left large debris. Dan left a nicely leveled and finely mulched cleared area. 10/10 would recommend. It’s also super nice he prices by the job and not by the day.

Gary K.
Winchester, VA

I highly recommend Golden Landworks. I found them to be very professional, very courteous, and very easy to work with. Dan was very flexible and did a great job clearing our property. My property now looks great. Thank you!

Leo E.
Winchester, VA

I was so glad I found Golden Landworks. I had piles of trees that have been down for over 4 years and I couldn't find a reasonable and affordable solution. Dan Sr., came out to talk to me about the job, Megan (Mrs. Dan Jr.) arranged the contract, and Dan Jr., actually came out with his magic machine to do the work. I am so glad to get it done! Dan is coming back to do more work. I can't wait!

Barbara S.
Spotsylvania, VA

Dan & Megan were wonderful! They were willing to work with our requests and our timeline. Dan & Megan were very friendly and easy to work with. Dan did an amazing job mulching our wooded lot and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs tree clearing work done.

Sylvia B.
Centreville, VA

Dan, Megan, and Dan's Dad were amazing. Kept in communication throughout the whole process. I will be working with them again in the future, and will recommend to anyone who might need them. Under Promised, and Over Delivered. Highly Highly Highly Recommend!!!

John K.
Locust Grove, VA

Best money I've ever spent!!! Dan is great!!! Would recommend - 5 star service for sure.

Andre W.
Warsaw, VA


We stand by #THEGOLDENSTANDARD - ensuring that you can expect our trust, commitment, responsiveness, quality, & efficiency on every job.

Contact us today for your mulching and land clearing needs. We’ve got you covered! 

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Our equipment at GOLDEN LANDWORKS is top of the line as we use the premier machines in the industry. Environmentally conscious, we keep your soil in tact. Our land management focused machines are specialized for work that is heavily involved in demanding vegetation-management applications, ranging from mulching, brush-cutting, vegetation control, and mowing - resulting in optimum performance when powering high-production, hydro-mechanical attachments.

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